Dec 01

Mind Over Matter

What you do and what you think matters. Your thoughts create and influence, not only your reality, but also the realities of everyone you know and those you don't know. Thanks for deleting the following documentary videos Alphabet Inc.
Nov 21

Indivisible Duality

Individuality is the state of being an indivisible, dualistic being, a unique life and perspective that cannot be divided. And, at it's very core, life is about the constant balance of this dualism at work within each of us in the form of love and fear. Being too far on... read more →
Nov 18

Emotional Intelligence

7 highly effective and common personality traits found among emotionally intelligent and successful people. They Focus On The Positive While not ignoring the bad news, emotionally intelligent people have made a conscious decision to not spend a lot of time and energy focusing on problems. Rather, they look at what... read more →
Nov 15

Malleable Reality

For those who have come to the realization that the world before us is indeed malleable and we, as individuals, and as a group shape and shift it into whatever we want, there is little that is a true mystery. That is to say, what is generally accepted and the... read more →
Nov 15

Power & Trust

True power lies in the ability a person or group has to get others to say "yes" or agree with something. Whether through coercion or force, skillful deception or simply because they trust you. The sum total of any person or group lies in the trust or willingness of those... read more →
Nov 12

Discovering Life

I feel that all life is about discovery, experiencing awe and wonder as much as possible and passing it on to everyone and everything around us. Along the path of discovery comes puzzles, problems, obstacles and other mysteries for us to investigate and solve. This is what gives us purpose... read more →