Nov 15

Malleable Reality

For those who have come to the realization that the world before us is indeed malleable and we, as individuals, and as a group shape and shift it into whatever we want, there is little that is a true mystery.

That is to say, what is generally accepted and the basic direction we go as a society is formed by a collective or group balancing of thoughts. Everyone puts in their thought on the topic into the “pool” and a balance of all is achieved through nature and movement is created. This is true on the group as well as individual level. Companies and governments are the biggest culprits of abuse and seek to take advantage of this fact with targeted advertising psychological techniques and data mining to keep us slaves to their products as well as control and divide the population, all the while fighting to keep us ignorant of this fact. Truly useful products don’t really need to be advertised much because there is a legitimate need and an artificial need does not need to be manufactured.

Ultimately, our world is indeed malleable, we shape it at every moment. Just as the more people who pull on one side of a rope gives it more strength or force, so too does this same concept hold true for thoughts, agreement or denial. The more agreement or support of an idea, the stronger it is and the less opposition there is to it, the more likely it will become a reality.

If a single person thinks a bridge over the river would be a good idea to connect both sides and allow for faster, more efficient travel it would be very difficult or impossible to accomplish on their own. If they can successfully get enough people to think the same idea or thought, the likelihood of the bridge becoming a reality dramatically increases.

This same concept can be applied to all levels or generally accepted national or global policies and laws. Whether you “agree” or consent by force or other forms of manipulation, or simply because you want to agree or consent is not what matters. For oppressive people the only important factor is that you agree or consent to their demands, period.

In terms of human actions and human created events, circumstances or outcomes, enough people must agree or consent to them whether through fear, apathy or ignorance for them to exist at all. This includes all forms of oppressive policies and laws created by humans. All governments and all religions have been created by humans and therefore can be altered or removed. To start the change, remove your consent and “be” the change.

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