Helpful External Tools


Brief descriptions and links to useful tools and applications for helping streamline your development. This list will be edited regularly but here’s a few to get us started.

WordPress & WooCommerce API References & Manuals
WordPres Core Contributor Handbook
Dynamic API Reference for WP core, RestAPI, WooCommerce, etc
WordPress Rest API documentation
Woocommerce Rest API documentation Visual WooCommerce Hooks Resource

Browser Extensions
Lightshot (screenshot tool) – A simple chrome extension for taking screenshots with arrows, added explanatory text, etc. A really great communication tool.
Advanced Rest Client – Chrome extension for the RestAPI.
BuiltWith – Chrome extension for determining various aspects of a site from: hosting, frameworks, languages, libraries, content encoding or other technologies used to make the site.
Eye Dropper Color Picker – Select colors from any page to get the hex, rgb or name values of any given color.

Development & Management Tools
PAC is a Perl/GTK replacement for SecureCRT/Putty/etc (linux ssh/telnet/… gui)… It provides a GUI to configure connections: users, passwords, EXPECT regular expressions, macros, etc.
Code Localisation / Translation
Light Table – The next generation code editor. Sponsored in part by Matt Mullenweg.
Atom – An advanced text and code editor.
Sublime Text – An advanced text and code editor.
WordPress development tools
Font development tools
WordPress code generation tools
WordPress-centric code pastebin tool
Visual interactive reference to the WordPress template hierarchy
Manage multiple WordPress sites from one control panel
Manage multiple WordPress sites from one control panel is an online toolbox for front and back-end developers

You can find tools such as testers (Regex, XPath, JSONPath), random data generators (JSON, CSV, SQL), API tools (SOAP/REST clients, MOCK API), comparators (XML, JSON, CSV), database tools (SQL formatter, SQLite browser) …

TOP 3 tools for WordPress users:
PHP code checker
CSS Generator
Random CSV/SQL Generator

Sandboxes & Cheatsheets
Vim Cheatsheet
Apache httpd mod_rewrite cheatsheet
Regular Expression (Regex) sandbox
Vagrant Setup, virtual disposable servers for local installation. Setup default operating/development environments for yourself in just a few minutes.
Live collaborative interactive code fiddle
Code playground and sharing
CSS animations code generator

Getting Started with Schema
Getting Started with Schema
Google Schema Testing Tool

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