Step 2 ⊶ Moving The Files


Here we’re simply picking up the files and moving them to the new location.

However you created the backup in Step 1, now it’s time to move the newly created backup from the SOURCE (existing) to the TARGET (new) hosting.

Doing The Work

  1. Using an s/FTP client like FileZilla | A very common, free FTP software for Windows, Linux and OSX
  2. Server to server using scp | Secure Copy, is based on SSH (Secure Shell) and is probably the fastest method
  3. Example scp command using a hostname: scp
    Example scp command using an ip address: scp database_name.sql username@

    Both of these commands assume:
    you are on the SOURCE (existing) server and in the “site_move” directory we created earlier
    that the same directory exists on the TARGET (new) server
    That your username on the TARGET (new) server is “username”

  4. Using wget | If your backup is available on the internet, you can use wget to download it to the new VPS or dedicated server if you have command line access.
  5. Let’s say you’ve moved the backup you created in Step 1 to a location accessible by you online at:

    1. Login to the TARGET (new) server where will be hosted and navigate to ~/site_move: cd ~/site_move
    2. If the directory does not exist, create it and move into it with this command: mkdir site_move; cd site_move

    3. Next give the following commands:
    4. You can also download the latest WordPress this way: wget

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