Nov 12

Discovering Life

I feel that all life is about discovery, experiencing awe and wonder as much as possible and passing it on to everyone and everything around us. Along the path of discovery comes puzzles, problems, obstacles and other mysteries for us to investigate and solve. This is what gives us purpose and drives us to create and inspire or causes us to give up and decay out of this existence. I believe giving up is a futile effort which results in simply returning here to take up exactly where you left off, just in a new body and new circumstances which force you to face the same lessons.

I believe we are always in a state of creation and decay moving through the medium of time, like a fish does through water as we learn to accept and work with it, we maximize our existence and the impact it has. I believe the puzzles, problems and mysteries follow us through many lifetimes and the truest lessons learned by us are burned into our beings and become just a part of who we are in our next incarnations. We are automatically equipped or “gifted” in these areas in our next incarnations because we’ve already solved the previous puzzles, problems and mysteries… now we need new ones.

I believe we are all 100% responsible for all of our thoughts, actions and deeds that we subject ourselves and others to as individuals and as a whole. Whether “good” or “bad” they are reflected back upon us in equal degrees. I believe that the terms or ideas “good” and “bad” are entirely subjective and have no basis in a unified reality. Many may hold the opinion that something is “good” or “bad” but that does not make it ultimately so, it is still just something ‘decided” not an immovable constant of nature. “Good” or “bad” is for each individual to judge for themselves. I believe our ultimate purpose here is discovery and balance of these things within and without, individually and as a whole.

Alone, our planet is at balance, but we are not. We are wholesale polluters, we are indiscriminate killers, we are wasteful of resources, we are vain and contemptuous, we are liars and thieves, we disparage life, we are perverters of truth and we are all guilty in our own way, witting or unwitting, as a part of the whole and a participant in this moment of perpetual motion through time. We cannot go back to yesterday and un-murder, un-destroy or un-steal, we must move forward from today with a mindset of repair. As a group and as individuals we must learn our lessons or we exchange the gift of discovery and wonder for a sentence of slavery and misery.

I believe we are all on this journey whether we believe it or not, while most of us will never meet or see each other we can still impact each others lives in positive or negative ways, this is everyone’s gift… true freedom, no matter what land, what laws, consequences or sentence imposed on anyone, no one has the power to change your mind but you… even at the threat of death.

Through generations most have been misled and misdirected away from self, away from responsibility and conscious choice and into a life of mediocrity and a “getting by until I die” attitude. This too is a lesson, perhaps our biggest lesson, as individuals and as a group. It appears most likely that this lesson will be learned at great cost, sacrifice and waste of energy.

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