Nov 12

Truth & Responsibility

Truth is singular, reflections of it are only the endless possibility of mis-truth.

In the end, we’re all just children, looking for our various truths as to why we’re here and what our purpose is in it all. Along the way, navigating on our journey by the light of the reflections of those who seek to offer us hope, assistance, guidance and love… and the shadows of those who seek to take those things away. As we enter this world it is our caretakers duty to help point that out as much as possible and to help ingrain positive patterns and self image and help us to perpetuate that positivity into the fabric of our unique journey and the others we touch. Truths are self-evident and intuitive, meaning, no special education or mental disposition is required to recognise and understand truth.

We are all responsible, from the time we enter this world, to choose. Choice itself is involuntary and constant through life, we must choose at any given instant, even if that choice is to “not choose”. Where our responsibility to free will comes is in the power of which choice it is that we inevitably make. As long as we live, we must choose, 1000’s of times a day, many choices and micro-choices… but whatever we do choose everyday, every instant becomes our individual and collective reality. We choose our individual and collective realities but often come into this knowledge later in life after we’ve already made some choices that set us on a course we did not anticipate and/or do not particularly want. Ultimately, the realization of personal responsibility for these choices often leads to denial which perpetuates a cycle of negativity, overall negative experience and an endless search outside ourselves to place blame or seek “solutions”.

To combat this most effectively, we should all be shown from a young age that we create, and that our choices are an important part of that creation and can be as volatile and dangerous as they can be harmonious and serene.

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