Jul 13

Keeper of the Scales

In Ancient Egypt the Judgement of The Dead took place in the Hall of Maat. Maat is often called the keeper of the Scales but she is The Scales. The newly deceased was led into the Hall by Anubis, The Opener Of The Ways and presented to Osiris. There were... read more →
Jul 08
Jul 01

Denialist Mentality

Denialist Mentality / Cognitive Bias Generally, we humans resist growth or change in our belief systems, it is a survival mechanism and a method of maintaining sanity. We use a lot of cognitive energy to reinforce and maintain what we already believe and what we want to believe. Thus, Motivated... read more →
Jan 30

Memory and Illusion

If you have proper methods and rituals in place.. you cannot forget. Certain people, places and events stand out in the brain, things that are "abnormal" or outside of what we normally experience, this is a common trait in everyone. "9/11" for instance, you can't "forget" it.. No matter what... read more →
Jan 05

Cult of Personality

The people in the collective consciousness, the "stars" of the narrative that constructs our world. The actors, politicians, religious leaders.. these are the people that we allow to colour our thoughts, views, expectations and opinions of what we consider "real" or possible. We give them carte blanche to decide on... read more →
Dec 18

Marketing Deception

In our contemporary world, we are conditioned from a young age to ignore or conceal the evidence presented by science and facts in favor of unproven theories, irrational desires, fears and erroneous beliefs that corrupt and distort us from the very foundations of being. We're conditioned to believe in and... read more →