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Keeper of the Scales

In Ancient Egypt the Judgement of The Dead took place in the Hall of Maat. Maat is often called the keeper of the Scales but she is The Scales.

The newly deceased was led into the Hall by Anubis, The Opener Of The Ways and presented to Osiris. There were Assessors who asked the afterlife seeker searching questions about how they had lived their life. The subject’s heart is then weighed against the white feather of Maat. The heart must not weigh more than the feather. Thoth is present to record the outcome. If the weight of the heart passes the test then the subject is told by Osiris that he/she has been found worthy to go to the House Of Amenti. A demon, possibly Sekhmet is also waiting to devour the heart of the results go against the individual.

42 Questions

1. Hast thou looked after your body as best as you could?
2. Hast thou lived the fullness of time allotted to thee?
3. Hast thou been clean in body and mind?
4. Hast thou only had sexual relations with one that you loved too?
5. Hast thou found out information that was not meant for your ears and eyes?
6. Hast thou kept thee only to the sword or distaff?
7. Hast thou respected the bodies of the younger brethren?
8. Hast thou you stolen?
9. Hast thou eaten and drunk to excess?
10. Hast thou killed?
11. Hast thou spoken unjustly in anger?
12. Hast thou looked upon the goods of others in envy?
13. Hast thou been jealous?
14. Hast thou spoken ill of any man or woman in anger?
15. Hast thou been undiligent in work?
16. Hast thou profaned the mysteries?
17. Hast thou known pride in thyself that is false?
18. Hast thou strayed from the path allotted thee?
19. Hast thou lusted for precious metals?
20. Hast thou been too worldly?
21. Hast thou been just in thy dealings in the market place?
22. Hast thou repaid all debts promptly?
23. Hast thou been generous to the needy?
24. Hast thou lied to gain from others?
25. Hast thy tongue been as a viper to cause laughter in others?
26. Hast thou been a friend?
27. Hast thou hated another to the exclusion of all else?
28. Hast thou lent thy body to any from the other side?
29. Hast thou been thy parents joy?
30. Hast thou honored all faiths that are of the light?
31. Hast thou given time to be at peace with the gods?
32. Hast thou turned aside from wisdom given in love?
33. Hast thou listened to that which is not for thy ears?
34. Hast thou lived in the light?
35. Hast thou been a sword for the weak?
36. Hast thou enslaved any other life?
37. Hast thou faced the mirror of self?
38. Hast thou taken the words of his mouth from any man as thine own?
39. Hast thou known that all journeys end but to begin?
40. Hast thou remembered the brethren of the Earth, and been compassionate to those younger brethren who serve thee as beasts in the field and home?
41. Hast thou ever worked man or beast beyond its strength in greed?

42. Is there one upon the Earth who is glad thou hast lived?

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