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Marketing Deception

In our contemporary world, we are conditioned from a young age to ignore or conceal the evidence presented by science and facts in favor of unproven theories, irrational desires, fears and erroneous beliefs that corrupt and distort us from the very foundations of being.

We’re conditioned to believe in and put most of our effort/energy into these irrational and fundamentally flawed concepts:
While seemingly beneficial and a necessary and vital element of an intelligent and responsible society, politics in its current form is predatory and severely exploits an overwhelming lack of self-knowledge present in the population. All politics, in essence, is based largely in the realms of fantasy, deception and misdirection/misinformation. As a testament there is not a place on Earth where it has not been subverted, distorted and corrupted and turned against the very populations it was meant to assist.
The individual, lacking and denying self-knowledge but also, ironically, responding to the innate drive from within to seek that very same self-knowledge, may, in the wake of that dissonance, turn to religion. A concept well meaning both on its surface and deeply ingrained within the many spiritual texts around the globe, religion is also largely subverted, distorted and corrupted due to the allegorical-based fantasy aspects of it.
The concept that one “owns” anything other than their own thoughts or actions is what leads us to desire more than we need and irrational fears that stem from those desires and, in turn, require that laws be made and enforced, that rules be set and that punishment be inflicted on those who disobey. Thus we loop back to the beginning with politics and stay stuck in this loop until we find a sliver of hope, a glitch in the matrix.
We’re conditioned to repel or ignore those things that offer the truest connections and deepest knowledge:
Most people would like to think they know themselves and believe they are self-aware and most would likely argue greatly at the suggestion they did not or knew less than they thought they did. Knowledge of ones self is perhaps the most difficult and painful undertaking one can endure, but it can also be the most rewarding, pleasurable and entertaining. Most simply find it unbearable to face things they’ve done or have denied themselves and responsibility for so long they simply have no idea what it means not to, no real or practical point of reference. It wasn’t taught to them and their drive to learn about themselves on their own was not sufficient.
What seems like such a struggle for many to maintain or to correct is actually very easy when we realise how our bodies work and we apply that knowledge to our daily lives and what we put into our body-systems. We would not knowingly pour sand in our gas tank or install a virus on our computer, but these things are analogous to what most are doing to themselves daily, both mentally and physically.
Like ownership, relationships loop us back to our concept of self-knowledge. Our relationships are a direct reflection of how we view ourselves and what we know of ourselves. Having healthy, deeply connected relationships causes us to question ourselves more deeply and ultimately causes growth to occur. With any relationship what we ultimately gain is a deeper sense of self and we double our creative power. Thought is the base material of creation and when we influence thought, we influence creation.

Why is this? Control. By our very nature we are creators and seek to control our environment; from where we are physically, to what we eat, wear, think, what actions we take and which we do not. As we gain control and dexterity over our localised environment it is only natural to push those boundaries and encroach on other territory (including imposing our will on others), often lacking proper morals (though by no means necessary for growth to occur).

Marketers and advertisers are, in a general sense, targeting one of the 3 (Self, Health, Relationship) with a magic pill, procedure or plan to give you instant results with seemingly little to no effort. There’s a common sentiment in marketing/advertising (which is 99% psychologically predatory in nature and often quite sadistic) that those who are being victimized, essentially by superior knowledge combined with a lack of proper self-motivation, deserve the victimization. While this reason alone is certainly not sufficient to warrant justification of the existence of marketing/advertising and the deviant tactics commonly employed and shared by all marketers/advertisers (knowingly or unknowingly), it does often seem in life like these things are a necessity to drive or motivate change.

The reasoning being, if we are content and have what we think we need one of three things will likely occur:

  • We will become apathetic, ignorant, stagnant and be unmotivated to continue our spiritual or mental growth.
  • We will develop an unhealthy pattern the more adept we become and become exponentially more dangerous to ourselves and our environment.
  • We will realise the dichotomy at work and develop systems, methods and rituals to maintain balance and harmony between these 2 poles of complete apathy and untempered actions.

Nearly no one falls completely on one side or the other, most are somewhere either trapped in a loop on the third option due to no methods or or rituals to keep them on a path of positive success, or lack of understanding of the natural and artificial systems or both. Less people have truly realised that balance and the constant striving for it is the real key here to making the greatest impact one can with their lives while minimizing any potentially negative thoughts, actions or consequences.

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