More Free WordPress Starter Themes

These free themes were researched and compiled by fris, find him on GitHub

  1. AngularJS WordPress Theme – used for building single page client side applications using WordPress
  2. Starter theme using Composer, Grunt, and Bower
  3. WordPress theme that renders JSON for consumption by AJAX or cURL
  4. Power your reveal.js presentation with WordPress
  5. A WordPress starter theme built off _s and the JSON REST API Backbone client.
  6. Soblossom is a WordPress starter theme that is based on Foundation
  7. WordPress Genesis Framework child theme using Bootstrap front-end framework.
  8. A Wordpess starter theme based on Bones and Bootstrap 3
  9. Wolf is a SASS-based starter theme for WordPress
  10. A WordPress starter theme built with Genesis and Foundation
  11. _s + Gulp starter WordPress theme
  12. _s + Gulp + Bower starter WordPress theme
  13. Wordpess starter theme with twitter bootstrap, HTML5 boilerplate and
  14. A basic WordPress theme based on angular js
  15. A presentation theme that uses the REST API
  16. AngularJS And WP REST API WordPress Theme
  17. A bare-bones AngularJS blog app designed to work with the WordPress JSON REST API.
  18. FoundationPress is a WordPress starter theme based on Foundation 6 by Zurb
  19. _s WordPress Starter Theme + Bootstrap SASS
  20. A Bootstrap Underscores WordPress Theme with Font Awesome
  21. A WordPress Theme Using _s, Bourbon + Neat and Theme Hook Alliance
  22. A Genesis Starter Theme built using Bourbon and Neat
  23. Bourbon, Neat, Bitters, and Refills WordPress Theme
  24. A WordPress theme built with Backbone that uses front-end routing.
  25. WP-API Photo Blog Theme
  26. Feelingrestful WordPress React JS theme
  27. WordPress Starter Theme That Uses Brunch, Bower, And Bootstrap
  28. A template for creating WordPress themes using Gulp with Jade, Sass, and Compass and support for Bootstrap.
  29. Bootstrap 4 WordPress Theme
  30. Angular app that uses the WP REST API
  31. Emi, a WordPress Starter Theme with Gulp, and SASS
  32. A developer-friendly WordPress base theme built with UIkit and GulpJS
  33. A WordPress theme powered by the WordPress REST API and Vue.js
  34. WordPress theme using Angular.js and Bootstrap Frameworks
  35. AngularJS and WordPress co-existing
  36. {{mustache}} starter theme for WordPress
  37. Jade starter theme for WordPress
  38. Starter child theme for the Genesis Framework using Sass and Grunt
  39. A react-based recipe theme for WordPress
  40. Starter SPA front-end backed by the WordPress REST API
  41. A stripped down example of a WordPress theme that uses Backbone.js
  42. Toolkit theme for WordPress, based on Hybrid Core and Twitter Bootstrap and Twig
  43. Starter WordPress theme. Using Gulp, Browserify, NPM (for dependencies available) and Sass
  44. An Advanced Gulp Workflow for WordPress themes
  45. A theme to demonstrate simplest implementation of WPGulp Boilerplate
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